Havengelden & Brandstofprijzen


Noise categories 4-8MLA
MTOW (kg)0-500501-15001501-30003001-34004001-5700
Landing/local/visitorincl. vat€15,00€27,00€35,00€47,00€80,00
excl. vat€12,40€22,31€28,93€38,84€66,12
Touch & Goincl. vat€7,00€10,00€11,50€17,30€30,00
excl. vat€5,79€8,26€9,50€14,30€24,79
Noise category 3
Landing/local/visitorincl. vat€32,00€42,00€57,00€95,00
excl. vat€26,45€34,71€47,11€78,51
Touch & Goincl. vat €13,00€16,00€23,00€40,00
excl. vat €10,74€13,22€19,08 €33,06
Noise category 2 and helicopters
MTOW (kg)501-15001501-30003001-40004001-5700
Landing/local/visitorincl. vat€37,00€45,00€62,00€100,00
excl. vat€30,58€37,19€51,24


Touch & Goincl. vat€14,00€18,00€27,00€42,00
excl. vat€11.57€14,88€22,31€34,71
Landing fees for aircraft/helicopters
above 4000 kg MTOW on request.
Surcharges landing before 07.00 hr LT
and after 20.00 hr LT.
incl. vat€45,00
excl. vat €37,19
Free air balloon
incl. vat
excl. vat €37,19
Helicopter hovering
incl. vat€50,00per half hour or part of
excl. vat€41,32
Night parking outside per day
incl. vat€18,00
excl. vat€14,88
night parking inside per day based on
80m2 max larger airplanes on request
incl. vat€40,00
excl. vat€33,06
Parking fees for more than
14 day's on request
Other airportfees, not
mentioned on request

Prijzen per 1 januari 2024 – wijzigingen voorbehouden.


JET A1 €2,60 incl VAT

AvGas €3,89 incl VAT